Malaga City Council Cleans Up ” Smutty” Beaches

Beach favourite Malaga is set to ban inflatable dolls and penis crowns in a crackdown on lewd hen and stag dos that many residents and visitors alike make the image of the city’s beaches “smutty” and leud.

The ban – set to be written into local law – could see offenders fined up to EUR 750.

But that could rise to EUR 1,500 if the offender is with a minor or disabled person or commits the offence in view of a school or playground.

City Hall lawmakers say police will first tell offenders to comply with the new rules and only issue fines if they refuse.

The city authorities are introducing the new regulations due to a reported rise in anti-social behaviour, often linked to raunchy hen and stag dos.

They say the new rules intend to “preserve the public space as a place of meeting, coexistence, and civility that accommodates the plurality of expressions and diverse ways of life that enrich our city”.

Spain’s Costa del Sol, which encompasses Malaga, has long been a popular destination for British holidaymakers.

However, a report this year showed that fewer Brits and Germans were visiting the area, while numbers of Dutch and Belgians were up.

However, tourists from the UK still remain the Costa del Sol’s largest group of foreign visitors.