Dramatic Footage Of Police Saving Suicidal Woman At Train Station

This is the moment two cops prevent a high-speed train suicide from taking place by saving a woman’s life.

In a new video released by the Spanish National Police, an unidentified woman, 39, can be seen lying on a bench in a train station found in Cadiz.

The woman, who appears to be wearing a pink dress and a blue jersey, proceeds to hurl herself towards an upcoming train as two police officers walk along the platform.

The dramatic incident was recorded by a train station security camera around 6pm on Friday, 21 October.

The two officers manage to grab onto the distressed woman’s clothing as she falls to the ground while her face lands just inches away from the train.

The concerned officers then pull her away from the rapidly passing train before sitting her down on a bench.

She was then taken to a nearby hospital where she received medical treatment, according to reports.

The two police officers were praised for their quick thinking and sharp reflexes after a video was released on the Spanish National Police’s official Twitter account.

The organisation added: “A 39-year-old woman was running towards the train track with the intention of hurling herself (at the train) and they, without hesitation for a second, risked their lives to save her.”

The video racked up over 380,000 views and a mish mash of wide-ranging comments.

One netizen commented: “They save her life by millimeters. Bravo for the quick action.”

While a second netizen wrote: “Am I the only one who sees something different?

Nobody saves anybody. She trips before she reaches the tracks.”

And a third user responded: “Alright, now to find out the causes of suicide attempts: bullying, precariousness, loneliness and abandonment, marginalization, not investing in mental health…”