Police Arrest Woman Who Snatched Newborn From Hospital

Police have seized a woman who disguised herself as a health worker and snatched a newborn baby from a hospital in northern Spain.

The shocking incident took place at Basurto University Hospital in Bilbao, Basque Country at around 9pm on 19th October.

According to reports, a woman wearing a medical gown entered the hospital through the staff entrance and picked up a baby born just 24 hours earlier.

She told its mum she was taking it for some tests.

This was reportedly following several failed attempts during which other mothers refused to hand over their newborns.

The 24-year-old left the hospital with the baby in her arms and walked towards a pharmacy near the Guggenheim Museum.

The unidentified woman, 24, who kidnapped a newborn enters the Basurto Hospital, dressed as a health worker, in Bilbao, Spain, on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022. She pretended to be pregnant, so she kidnaped a baby after several unsuccessful attempts from the hospital, she then left the baby on a doormat of building, before being arrested. (Newsflash)

There, she bought infant formula before strolling through the streets of Bilbao while police mounted an operation to find her.

By the time the mother had reported her child’s disappearance – at around 10pm – the woman had already left the hospital with the tot.

The suspect – seen in this CCTV footage – wandered throughout the city until early the next day when she left the infant on a doorstep in the Santutxu neighbourhood.

After leaving the baby there – some four kilometres (2.5 miles) from the hospital – she fled the scene.

The family that lived there found the newborn on their doormat in the morning and as they had been aware of the snatching, immediately called police.

The infant was said to be in perfect health and its umbilical cord clamp was still in place.

Hours later, the suspected kidnapper was arrested in the Zorrotza neighbourhood.

Her name has so far been withheld and more information from authorities about the suspect is pending.