Asturian Farmers Appeal Noise Fine For Calf’s Loud Mooing

Baffled farmers are appealing a EUR-300 fine imposed on a calf for mooing too loudly.

A neighbour in Siero, in Asturias, north-western Spain had complained to local councillors last year that the racket coming from 15-month-old Carmina was disturbing their life.

After tests, it was revealed that Carmina’s moos reached a whopping 74 decibels – as loud as a bus or an alarm clock.

The local maximum for noise pollution is 55 decibels.

Photo shows the cow Carmina and its owner who received a fine of three hundred euros because of it mooing too loud in Siero, Asturias, in northern Spain, undated photo. The moos reportedly reached 74 decibels, when the noise law established a maximum of 55. (Newsflash)

But – reported local media – Carmina’s owners have appealed the fine, claiming that the calf’s loud mooing only took place over a few days.

Carmina had been pining in despair after her mother was taken to be slaughtered.

One of her owners told local media: “She began to moo much more because when her mother was slaughtered she had to drastically stop suckling.”

On the fine, he added: “We were totally surprised, we did not know anything about this and we can justify it, although it sounds ridiculous to justify the mooing of a cow.”

According to reports, Siero Council will take another noise measurement of Carmina’s mooing.

If the mooing no longer exceeds 55 decibels, the fine will reportedly be annulled and Carmina will be able to continue grazing in peace.