Spanish Police Seize Drugs Hidden In Frozen Lettuce

This is the moment Spanish authorities break up an international drugs trafficking racket as they seize 80 kilos of hashish hidden in the cargo doors of a massive truck.

A further 296 kilos of marijuana was confiscated after authorities discovered vacuum-packed marijuana buds hidden amongst heads of lettuce in a refrigerated truck.

The gang – reported Spanish media – trafficked cannabis to Spain from Morocco on high-speed boats before transferring them to a fleet of trucks to distribute through Europe.

A top secret police investigation – called Operation Vineyards run by Spanish National Police – raided a series of addresses in Cadiz and Malaga, local media reported on 10th October.

Officials say the gang rented out a series of industrial warehouses where they modified speedboats with high-power engines and state-of-the-art navigation systems.

A Spanish National Police statement said: “Once the boats were prepared, they were transported in trucks and trailers to the shores of Campo de Gibraltar.”

Both the driver of the truck with cannabis in its doors and his companion were arrested while 19 others were arrested during the year-long operation.

The 21 detainees were arrested for their alleged involvement in drug trafficking, smuggling and money laundering.

They are also facing charges for belonging to a coordinated criminal organisation planning illegal activities, according to reports.

Authorities went on to confiscate eight boats, four trailers, six outboard motors, three trucks, 4200 litres of fuel as well as EUR 16,000 in cash, according to the statement.

An asset investigation revealed that the organisation was in possession of a further 45 vehicles valued at EUR 1,472,000  and a property worth EUR 150,000.