80 Year Old Man Gored To Death As Valencia Winds Up Worse Year

This is the moment spectators desperately try to distract a heifer as she fatally wounds an 80-year-old man at a bull running event in Spain.

The senior citizen became the eighth victim of the Valencian bull run season this year after he died in hospital the following day, 15th September.

The unidentified 80-year-old man entered what he thought was an empty bullpen before he was suddenly attacked by a young female cow with horns.

She punctured one of his lungs and broke his ribs as she gored him mercilessly at the ‘street bulls’ (bous de carrer) festival in Canet d’en Berenguer on 14th September, according to local media reports.

The pensioner was transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Sagunt Hospital in Valencia before he reportedly died a day later on Thursday, 15th September.

In the video, the man can be seen beneath a scaffolding as a horned heifer tears into him while concerned spectators attempt to distract the animal by pulling on its tail and kicking it roughly.

This appears to infuriate the heifer further as she mercilessly continues to gore the elderly man who lies motionless on the ground.

The Canet City Council declared three minutes of silence for what Mayor Pierre Antoni Chorda described as a “one-off” situation caused by a momentarily lapse in judgement, according to local media reports.

This was after he pointed out that six police operations were appointed to ensure the safety of the participants at the festival at all times.

This year has seen hundreds of injuries during village and municipal fiestas in the region with at least three deaths recorded in 2022.