Show Off Biker Crashes Into Pedestrian As Stunt Goes Wrong

This is the horrific moment a reckless biker crashes into a pedestrian on a crossing as he shows off to spectators by pulling a wheelie.

Video footage released by local media shows two bikers performing the risky manoeuvre on a road in Conil de la Frontera, a seaside town near Cadiz in southern Spain.

But while one stunt passed off without incident, the other left a pedestrian in hospital, reports local media.

Dozens of spectators can be seen lined up beside the road as the second biker cruises along on the back wheel of his bike before smashing into two people crossing the road.

Both pedestrians can be seen using a zebra crossing and one seems to take the full force of the bike’s raised front wheel in their face.

One victim was taken to the University Clinic hospital in Puerto Real. Doctors have not disclosed any information on the patient’s identity or condition.

The other pedestrian escaped unharmed, reports local media.

A spokesperson for Conil Police branded the motorcyclist’s behaviour as “irresponsible and reckless.”

He said the offender’s bike had been confiscated and the biker – whose name has been withheld by Spanish authorities – faces charges as investigations continue.

The tragic stunt overshadowed a local motorcycle club’s festival.

More than 10,000 bikers attended the various festivities organised by Los Tumbaos last weekend (24th and 25th September).

It is unclear when exactly the incident took place.

Local media websites published the story this Monday and Tuesday (26th and 27th September). The clip documenting the crash previously emerged on social media.

A spokesman for the town council announced: “Such behaviour undermines the outstanding efforts of Los Tumbaos and all the other organisations which participated in setting up the festival.”