Fiestas Horror As Man Falls In Pole Climbing Stunt

This is the moment a young man falls dramatically as he slips off a tall pole he was climbing as part of a local festival contest.

The unnamed man was climbing a popular fairground attraction known as “palo encebado” looking to snatch one of the prizes placed at the top of the pole.

He was able to reach a height of nearly 10 metres before he slipped and fell on the hard ground as the many onlookers stood watching him in shock.

They all rushed to help the young man who had luckily made it out alive. He was taken to a local hospital to receive further medical attention for the serious injuries he gained from the fall, according to local media.

Fortunately, none of them were life-threatening, local media stated.

The incident took place at the annual Palo Encebado contest that takes place in the municipality of Cotija de la Paz, located in the Mexican state of Michoacan.

A ”palo encebado” literally translates to ”greasy pole” is a popular game widely practised at parties in many Latin American countries, as well as Spain and the Philippines.

The game consists of participants climbing a pole, usually covered in grease or soap to make it slippery and prizes are placed at the very top which players win as they reach them.

It is believed to have originated in the Italian city of Naples in the 16th century, without too many changes in its rules.

Originally, a small artificial mountain would be placed in the public square representing Mount Vesuvius, a volcano located near the city.

From inside the crater of the false volcano, various food products would emerge, as if it were an eruption.

The most common were pepperoni, sausages and pasta, especially macaroni. The public would then try to catch the food that came out of the fake volcano.

Later, the pretend volcano was replaced by a pole. Food and other prizes were hung at the highest point and contestants had to climb the slippery pole in order to win.