Playing Chicken With Charging Bulls

This is the moment horned heifers smash through a wall of bull run fans as they try to go head to head with the rampaging steers.

Shocking video footage of the drama shows the fans being sent flying as they try to seal a small passage at the event in Spain chanting ‘They will not pass’.

The heifers simply charge through the crowd with ease throwing participants to the ground with their horns.

The incident, which took place during an annual running of the bulls event (Bous al carrer) in the coastal town of Peniscola in Valencia, Spain is currently being investigated by regional police, according to local media reports from 19th September.

Authorities hope to determine whether the incident, which forms part of a controversial festival held during the annual bull running event in Peniscola, has broken any regulations, according to a source from the Spanish Ministry of Justice.

The bull running celebration, which is known as the ‘They Will Not Pass’ festival, sees participants attempt to contain heifers by forming a human barrier along the entrance of the Santa Maria square in Peniscola.

The Peniscola City Council has allegedly expressed its surprise at the decision to investigate the incident after explaining that these sorts of celebrations have been taking place “forever” while no one was injured as a result of the festivities, according to local media reports.

The investigation was reportedly launched after a recent video of the incident went viral on social media.

One Twitter user posted a video of the festivities to his page which received almost a million views.

One netizen commented: “I don’t know who is more savage, the heifers or the crowd.”

Another user made reference to the town’s well-known bullfighting traditions.

A third netizen replied: “Look, they’re bullfighters, what do you expect?”