Shocking Video Of Abandoned Dogs In Almeria Animal Shelter

Police in Spain are investigating an abandoned animal shelter after 66 malnourished, tick-infested dogs were found there, along with the bones and carcasses of others.

Spain’s Guardia Civil (Civil Guard) is investigating the shelter in Almeria, Andalusia region, after an animal protection organisation reported the grim find to police.

Many of the dogs rescued from the shelter were barely clinging onto life, as seen in these heartbreaking images.

The medical report of one dog said it was in a “cachectic state, with severe tick parasitisation, and severe anaemia”.

In a statement obtained by Newsflash on 15th September, the Civil Guard said: “The Civil Guard’s Almeria jurisdiction is investigating a shelter for allegedly committing a possible crime of animal abuse due to the unfortunate physical conditions displayed by the animals and the facilities housing them.

“This task is part of the permanent work of the Civil Guard in the province of Almeria to prevent and act against crimes of animal abuse.

“This investigation began as a result of a complaint filed by a representative from an animal protection association, who reported the poor hygienic-sanitary state the animals were found in, malnutrition, severe parasitosis (ticks and fleas), and even the finding of carcasses of dead animals and skeletal remains, in the facilities of a shelter that took in abandoned animals in Almeria.

“Personnel from the Civil Guard’s Almeria jurisdiction went to the aforementioned shelter and verified the kennels’ poor hygienic-sanitary condition, in addition to noticing that the 66 dogs of different races, ages, and sexes there were excessively thin and were expelling ticks due to treatment given days earlier.

“During the inspection, Civil Guard personnel noted how close to 1,000 national and international associations collecting animals for adoption told agents about the conditions they were in.

“During the investigation, the Civil Guard confirmed the facilities’ and animals’ poor condition, in addition to verifying the existence of a veterinary report on one of the dogs with symptoms of a cachectic state, severe tick parasitisation, and severe anaemia that required treatment in the form of fluid and blood administration due to the risk of collapse and death the animal presented.

“As a result, the Civil Guard’s Almeria jurisdiction is investigating the people responsible for the Almeria shelter as alleged perpetrators of the crime of mistreatment of domestic animals.

“The proceedings initiated have been made available to the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 1 of Huercal-Overa (Almeria).”