Mum Gave Birth in Bathroom After Hospital Emergency Room Sent Her Home

A mother-to-be gave birth in her bathroom after she was sent home from an emergency room at a hospital near Sevilla.

Beatriz Galan, 41, went to a local hospital’s ER when her contractions were four minutes apart.

But she was sent back home, as they had reportedly begun to dissipate and the birth was not considered imminent.

However, she gave birth moments later with the help of her husband in the bathroom of their home in Dos Hermanas, Andalusia,  on 6th September, according to local media reports.

Beatriz Galan, 41, poses together with her husband and their baby in an undated photo. She gave birth in the bathroom of her house with her husband, following the instructions of a doctor by phone in Dos Hermanas, Spain, Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022. (@vivalavitab/Newsflash)

The newborn, named Daniel, came into the world weighing 2.4 kilogrammes (5 lb 5 oz) after his father followed doctors’ instructions on the phone after calling emergency services.

Daniel’s head reportedly began to appear soon after the couple arrived home, giving them little time to travel back to the hospital.

An ambulance was sent to the residence once the call was made and arrived shortly after Daniel was born.

Doctors were allegedly worried during the call, as Beatriz was almost completely silent during the entire birth, she revealed.

Beatriz told local media: “They couldn’t hear me screaming or complaining and that scared them, but in the waiting silence they heard Javier say that it was beautiful and the whole room started to cry.”

The mother and child were then taken back to Virgen de Valme University Hospital in Seville and were discharged a day later after they were reported to be in perfect condition and Daniel’s umbilical cord was cut.

Beatriz added: “Our son’s life was at stake and we were aware of it… It is not an experience that I recommend to anyone, a doctor is essential, we were lucky and although I have just given birth I can laugh at certain anecdotes, but I cry without remedy hopelessly when I think of everything that could have happened.”