Over 350 Migrants Reach Balearic Islands In Flotilla

This footage shows the Spanish authorities intercepting a boat packed with over 20 migrants near the Balearic Islands.

More than 350 migrants arrived in the Balearic Islands between Friday, 9th and Saturday, 10th September in 21 boats, according to local media.

The footage shows one of the boats intercepted on the morning of 10th September.

And Newsflash obtained a statement from the Spanish Guardia Civil saying that the images show the “interception and rescue of a boat this morning in Balearic waters, occupied by 21 people.”

The Civil Guard added: “All the people were transferred ashore in good health.”

Local media have reported that a record 358 migrants arrived in 21 boats between Friday 9th and Saturday 10th September.

National Police are set to use a disused part of a police precinct to house some of them temporarily, while others will be transferred to Palma.

The migrants will reportedly be kept in police custody for a maximum of 72 hours before they are released or assigned to a detention centre for foreigners if there is room.

The others will be released, with local media reporting the deputy spokesman for the far-right Vox party in the Balearic Parliament, Jorge Campos Aseni as claiming that “hundreds of illegals will be free in a few hours on the streets of Palma, the towns and Ibiza. It is an unsustainable situation.”