UFWOAH! Was Incredible Out Of This World Light Show A Close Encounter?

Images of an astonishing out of this world light show in the sky have got awestruck witnesses wondering if they have had a close encounter with aliens.

The strange sighting was seen by a number of people in towns and cities in the central Mexican state of Jalisco, including the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, Chapala, Magdalena, Tequila and Ameca, among at least 10 municipalities, on the night of Wednesday, 7th September.

Hundreds of people witnessed the event, according to local media, which took place between 9:42pm and 10pm.

Many filmed it on their smartphones, with local newspapers reporting that the incident could be seen in a radius of 50 kilometres (31 miles).


The footage appears to show a string of lights moving in a coordinated manner from left to right, slowly rotating in the night sky.

Many claimed that the sighting was a UFO and possibly even an alien flying saucer.

Others suggested that it could be Space X’s Starlink satellites or even a formation of drones.

Local media, however, said that experts who they consulted explained the phenomenon by saying that it was most likely a strobe effect created by the clouds.