Horrific Goring Of Young Woman At Bullrunning Festival

A young woman has been hospitalized after being horrifically gored in the running of the bulls in Spain.

The incident happened in the municipality of Aldeamayor de San Martin in the Spanish province of Valladolid as it celebrated festivities for its patron saint.

The young woman was knocked over and gored in the right thigh by one of the bulls that were in the final urban part of the bull run, on Constitucion street in the municipality, shortly before half past ten in the morning on 21st August.

Apparently, the young woman entered the route near where the herd were and one of the bulls decided to attack her.

Some men were standing nearby and tried to taunt the bull, but it completely ignored them and only lept into action when the young woman went past in a run.

After the attack in which she was caught on the animal’s horns, she was left lying on the street.

Eyewitnesses were baffled as to why the steer that had been so calm reacted so violently when it spotted her running nearby.

The young woman is being treated for her injuries at the Clinical Hospital of Valladolid after she was taken there by ambulance.