Animal Rights Release Shocking Amateur Bullfight Footage

Animal Rights Campaigners have released gruesome footage of amateur would-be bullfighters trying out their clumsy ‘skills’ at a municipal festival in Spain.

The video shows a series of amateurs and novices trying out their clumsy, brutal attempts to kill young bulls – barely more than calves – in the ring.

The grim footage was filmed by animal rights campaigners in the municipality of Vinuesa, in the province of Soria, in the autonomous community of Castile and Leon, in north-western Spain, on 17th August.

In the video young men wearing jeans and T-shirts try to sharpen their skills using cloaks and spears.

Many of them are hopeless and incompetent, causing the bulls agony as they pierce them with their swords, but fail to kill them.

Some of the terrified beasts can be seen roaring in agony as swords and spikes dangle from their’ backs.

At one point, a cruelly injured bull lies on the ground in the arena gasping for breath as the would-be matador tries to find the right place to sever an artery.

Another scene shows a helpless but still alive bull being stabbed repeatedly with a sword and then stabbed in the back of the head with a knife after having had one of its ears hacked off while still moving.

The footage was released by Spain’s Animalist Party PACMA as part of its campaign to ban bullfighting.

The footage had notched up over 12,000 views at the time of writing since being posted online by PACMA earlier today.

PACMA said on Twitter: “We document a wild calf in Vinuesa (Soria), in which amateurs cruelly torture the animal to death.”

And tagging the official account of the Vinuesa City Council. Tourism, information and Vison, they asked: “Are you really not ashamed to allow this?”

Newsflash obtained a statement from PACMA in which they said: “PACMA brings to light images of a grotesque amateur bullfight in Vinuesa.

“Soria, August 24, 2022 – Bullfighting festivities take centre stage this summer due to the constant controversies and compromising images in which animals appear to be suffering from high levels of stress and physical pain, fractures, agonising deaths, resounding falls and blows and multiple humiliations by unscrupulous people.

“The latest cruel images have been documented and shared by the PACMA Animalist Party. This is a bullfight held on 17th August in Vinuesa (Soria) in which a group of fans ‘martyred’ several young animals to death.”

Javier Luna, President of the PACMA party, said: “Our job is to make this known so that society can have an opinion about it and position itself. These events are carried out with relative discretion and it is usually a problem to document them because the organisers and participants do not want anyone to see how they torture animals.”

PACMA said in a statement: “In the images, not suitable for sensitive people, it can be seen how a group of young fans constantly mock the calves and stick sharp objects into them until they decide to kill them, failing in numerous attempts and piercing them from the sides. Ear cropping is done with calves still conscious.

“The Animalist Party has documented several bullfighting events in what they call ‘a summer to forget’ in relation to the number of bullfights held in Spain after a considerable break due to the pandemic.”

Luna said: “They are trying to recover what was lost and trying to bring bullfighting to places in Spain where it is not even previously held, putting it in a shoehorn and bringing it closer to children because they know that the generational change is extremely low.

“It seems to us an outrage that no party wants to commit to the animal victims of bullfighting and that they remain totally unprotected despite the future Animal Protection Law or the reform of the Penal Code. We have a lot of work ahead of us,”

PACMA have called on their supporters to rally in Madrid on 24th September for “Mission Abolition” to demand that the practice, considered by many to be an outdated tradition in Spain, be relegated to the past.