Shocking Broomstick Attack Leaves Victim Fighting For Life

This is the shocking moment a man is savagely beaten using a broken broomstick handle which is then left wedged in his face as people simply watch the violence and do nothing to stop it.

The victim who had already been badly burned and was lying on the ground in agony was then attacked by a broomstick-wielding drunk during the incident in the Mexico City borough of Xochimilco in Mexico.

The footage shows at least one person sitting on a low rail and watching what is going on among many passersby as a man in a black T-shirt repeatedly stabbed the broomstick into the head of the victim.

After the first blow, the victim collapsed on the ground motionless as he was kicked in the head and finally the broomstick was stabbed into his head where it gets stuck.

The remains of the fire can be seen burning in the corner that had apparently been used to set him alight.

Local media said that the violent attack happened as a result of a fight between the two who had been drinking heavily.

According to reports, the man used the broomstick and snapped it in half first before stabbing the victim with the sharp end, and the blaze had been started by other people who were not named who had poured a flammable liquid on the victim.

The unnamed victim was taken to hospital by ambulance with burns on over 80% of his body and severe cranioencephalic head trauma.

The helicopter from the Regulatory Center for Medical Emergencies (CRUM) had to land at the San Luis Tlaxialtemalco sports complex located near the Xochimilco mayor’s office to collect the critically injured man and take him to hospital.