Minke Whale Dies After Getting Trapped In Galician Fishing Port

A large minke whale has passed away at a Spanish port after becoming trapped and crashing into the dock.

The common minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) died at Combarro Port in the village of Combarro in the Spanish region of Galicia at around 10.30am on 12th July.

The deceased whale measured 6.3 metres (20.7 feet) in length.

The whale stranded in a port of Combarro, Pontevedra, Spain, July 2022 died. (@policiapoio/Newsflash)

The cetacean ended up dying after it became trapped in the port’s dock and could not return to the open sea.

One image shows the whale with blood pouring out of its head after apparently ramming a walkway.

The minke whale was first sighted alive at around 9.30am when it was struggling to leave the port after entering the estuary.

During the large animal’s efforts to return to the sea, the whale sustained serious injuries to its head and body and it died in the port around an hour later as experts from the Study of Marine Mammals (CEMMA) arrived on the scene.

CEMMA officials subsequently organised the whale’s removal from the port area and arranged for samples to be taken to establish the exact cause of death.

Experts said it was a rare occurrence as cetaceans do not normally appear near beaches or rocky coastal areas unless they are seriously ill or have already died and their bodies are washed ashore.

According to reports, Combarro is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Galician region of Rias Baixas and hordes of people flocked to the coast to catch sight of the trapped whale.

Sadly for onlookers, however, the incident did not have a happy ending.