Dramatic Rescue Of Toddler Trapped On Balcony

This is the moment two police officers rescue a crying three-year-old boy found alone and naked on a balcony.

The officers – one on duty, one off duty – clambered onto an ambulance roof to get to the youngster in Badalona, Spain, on 22nd July.

In the footage, the naked boy is seen crying on the narrow balcony with a pair of closed doors behind him leading to a first floor apartment.

As an ambulance is positioned directly underneath the balcony so the two officers can reach the boy.

The officers are seen climbing onto the ambulance roof passing the boy down to safety.

Then they hand him down to paramedics who carry the lad to the back of the vehicle to a huge round of applause from witnesses.

The video was shared by former city mayor Xavier Garcia Albiol who called on the local authorities to intervene in the matter.

He said the child had been on the balcony for about an hour when he was rescued.

Badalona councillor David Torrents confirmed the incident but criticised the former mayor for posting the video of the minor.

Torrents did not confirm whether the child was home alone at the time or whether family members were inside the apartment.

He said social services “are on top” of the case and that “in principal, everything was accidental”.

The investigation is ongoing.