ONLY SLAMS: Masked Wrestling Beauty Opens OnlyFans Account

A Mexican masked wrestler named Mystique has delighted grapple and grown followers by opening an OnlyFans account.

Known as the Ninja with Beautiful Eyes – or La Ninja de los Ojos Bellos in Spanish – Mystique has been a pro wrestler for nine years.

Mystique, the Mexican luchadora, has decided to open an OnlyFans account, July 2022. (@mystique_luchadoracmll/Newsflash)

To the shock of her million followers on Facebook and thousands more on other platforms, the beauty recently announced a break from the ring to focus on her career as a dentist.

But now she is inviting followers to subscribe to her new page on OnlyFans for USD 20 a month or USD 96 for six months.

She explained that the adult content that will, “definitely be worth it.”

She added: “Also, a reminder that all content here on my page is exclusively for you and you alone, so don’t share it anywhere else, violators will be prosecuted.”

The lucha libre fighter later explained that she hopes to explore her sensuality with the new webpage.

She says she will remain loyal to wrestling traditions by keeping her true identity secret.

In Mexico freelance professional wrestling is known as Lucha libre and it was introduced to the country in the early 20th century.

It quickly developed its own unique brand characterised by colourful masks and fast action with high-flying manoeuvres and tricks many of which have spread to other countries including the United States and Japan.

The wearing of masks has also become an integral part of wrestling, with contestants forced to remove their masks if they lose a bout.

OnlyFans uses a paywall that can be unlocked by users in order to access “exclusive” content and was founded by Timothy Stokely, a man described as the “king of homemade porn” by The Times.

The website has faced scrutiny over the past few years regarding privacy concerns following allegations of underage creators, content leaks and the decision to ban “sexually explicit” content in 2021, which was soon reversed.