Kevin Bacon Themed Copycat Burger Joint Comes Unstuck

A burger joint that was attempting to copy a Spanish chain´s range of premium burgers named after the actor, Kevin Bacon, has come unstuck after the real Kevin Bacon threatened to bring in the lawyers.

The Kevin Bacon Fast Good which was using the Spanish Goiko brand image of the Bacon themed range changed its name and logo when US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel told him about the eatery in Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Kevin Bacon, 63, an American actor who shares names with an Argentinian fast-food company. (@kevinbacon/Newsflash)

Kimmel showed Bacon the restaurant’s logo with his face and name, prompting the shocked actor to say: “Listen, I clearly didn’t have photo approval. That is not a good picture of me.”

Bacon, 63, went on: “I gotta tell you, I think there’s other Kevin Bacon restaurants that I don’t get any money for.”

Then Kimmel asked: “Oh, you’re not affiliated with this?”

Bacon, clearly unhappy, replied: “Not at all.”

The Footloose star then went on to ask Kimmel where the burger joint was, to which the host replied: “In Argentina…that’s when you know you’re famous, when you’re getting ripped off in Argentina”.

Bacon then said with a grim smile: “I’ll be talking to my lawyers.”

The actor has been a huge star in Hollywood for nearly 50 years but more recently made a fortune from cheesy ads for phone brands like EE.

But it appears the restaurant took the actor’s joke as a threat, as it has now changed its name and logo online.

The burger joint now goes by the name ‘kb.fastgood’ on social media.

And its logo no longer shows a likeness of Kevin Bacon’s face but drawings of hamburgers and French fries instead.

Before it changed its name, Kevin Bacon Fast Good had a 4.3-star rating on Google.

At the time of writing, the restaurant had 48,700 followers on Instagram.