Bull From Colombian Bullring Tragedy Stabbed To Death By Crowd

The bull at the Colombian bullring that partially collapsed, killing six and injuring over 200, was stabbed and beaten to death, it has emerged.

Six were killed and over 200 wounded when part of a stand collapsed at the bullring in the town of El Espinal, Tolima Department, on Sunday, 26th June.

The casualty numbers reflect the latest figures provided by Major Luis Fernando Velez, director of the Civil Defence of Tolima.

And it has now emerged that while some helped those who were trapped following the collapse, others stabbed and beat the bull to death.

This disturbing footage reportedly shows how one man holds the bull by its tail while another stabs at it with a knife.

The clip ends with the bull being floored and surrounded by a mob that includes the knifeman.

Colombian senator-elect and animal rights activist Andrea Padilla Villarraga took to social media to write: “Another perspective on the El Espinal tragedy.

“While some fall from the already collapsed stands, others mindlessly stab the bull. This is complete degradation.

“They do not care about their lives, those of their peers, much less those of animals. Corralejas must end NOW!”

In another post, Padilla Villarraga wrote: “They beat and knifed it to death. But several of them have also died: eight, including a child.

“Corralejas are a horror that no society should allow.”

The figure of eight dead had not been officially confirmed at the time of writing.

A corraleja is a bullfighting festival in Colombia in which the public is invited to engage the bulls in the ring.

Unlike in Spain, the bulls are not usually killed after the fight.