Inventor Turns Wheelbarrow Into Motor Scooter

A fun-loving builder has converted an ordinary garden wheelbarrow into a fast-moving motor scooter.

Footage of a trial run in Cordoba, Argentina, emerged on social media, clocking up tens of thousands of likes.

The clip shows an engine attached to the barrow with throttle and brake on the handles.

Underneath, the inventor has constructed a makeshift footplate for him to stand on.

The clip gained countless comments, including from one netizen who wrote “NASA engineering” and another who commented: “A genius. Only in Argentina.”

As he starts up the motor, he can be seen zooming down the road until the footage stops.

Other comments the clip garnered included “We have nothing to envy of Silicon Valley”, “This guy needs to be the president” and “He’s living in 2052”.

Local media reminded readers that despite their admiration for the inventor, it is dangerous and against the law to ride unauthorised vehicles on public roads.

The builder’s identity remains unclear.