Toddler Left In Giant Water Container So Parents Could Go Shopping

This is the moment cops rescue a little girl who had been stuffed into a giant water bottle by her parents so they could go shopping.

Officers from the Municipal Police of Valle de Chalco in the Mexican state of Mexico were called out to the family residence by residents of the Santa Cruz Amalinalco neighbourhood, who had heard the three-year-old’s cries for help.

Two police officers jumped the wall of the property from the roof of a neighbouring house and carefully lowered the large, bottle-shaped water storage tank to the ground so the girl could crawl out of it.

Once rescued, the girl told the officers: “My parents left me.”

The girl’s parents had reportedly left the youngster in the giant container while they were out shopping.

As the door to the property had been padlocked, the officers had to scale the wall with the girl to get out.

The youngster was then handed over to the child services. Local media reported that she was going to be checked over by a doctor before being handed over to a relative.

Police swiftly arrested mother Maria Lucila and her partner Javier. Local media did not report their surnames as per local privacy laws.

The two allegedly told officers they had left the girl in the container because she was “very restless” and they did not want “her to fall” or suffer an accident while she was at home alone.

The parents were last reported to be in pre-trial custody in Chalco prison and were being investigated for domestic violence.