Irish Driver Takes Poll Position As Highest Recorded Speed Offence

An Irishman has been arrested after he was caught speeding at 285kmh on a motorway near Madrid last week.

He was spotted driving a Porsche with a British licence plate on the AP-6 toll motorway near the municipality of El Espinar, near Segovia in Castilla y Leon by a Spanish police helicopter that was carrying out speed checks in the area.

The Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic ( DGT) released the footage  on Friday June 17 on Twitter stating “Caught driving at 285 km/h on the AP-6, when the speed limit is 120 km/h. This is an Irish citizen who was driving a high-end 🚗, with British number plates. The driver is being investigated for an alleged #offence against #RoadSafety.”

It is believed that the speed of 285 kmh is the highest ever recorded by the Civil Guard.