Police Arrest Tourist After He Was Filmed Beating Girlfriend On Ibiza Hotel Balcony

Police in Ibiza have arrested a tourist after he was filmed hitting his girlfriend on a hotel balcony.

The incident took place in the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, on the Spanish island of Ibiza, according to the police, who were called following a report of the unnamed man hitting his partner on the balcony.

When they arrived, the man had dragged the young woman into the room, but with the help of the hotel’s security service, local police officers managed to enter the room regardless.

Inside, they reportedly found the woman on the floor, between two beds.

Her assailant, whose nationality and name were not revealed, was allegedly on top of her and continued to beat her when the police went into the room. The officers quickly put a stop to the violence and arrested the tourist.

The police said: “Last night, this ‘individual’ (we must be restrained in the words we use on social networks), was surprised by our agents and immediately arrested as he hit this woman, who we hope is no longer his partner, on the balcony of a hotel in Platja d’en Bossa.

“The individual, who repeatedly assaulted the young woman, had forced her to go into the hotel room when he spotted our officers arriving, and he evidently felt threatened by our presence. Despite going inside, our agents quickly accessed the room, locating the girl lying on the floor, with the ‘individual’ on top of her assaulting her.

“Thanks to a citizen collaboration, we can provide you with a small video fragment of the events.”

The police urged female victims of assault to contact them if they face gender violence.