Weigh To Go! Truck Driver Crashes Into Police Car As Load Pulls Him Downhill

A hapless trucker crashed into a police car when the huge load he was carrying dragged his out-of-control vehicle downhill backwards.

Bizarre phone footage of the lorry driver’s struggle shows him trying to climb a hill with a giant metal pipe more than twice the length of the trailer.

But as he inches up the slope, the huge payload drags him back down the the hill in Santa Maria de Guia on the Spanish Canary Island of Gran Canaria, on 8th June.

At one point, the huge load pulls the truck’s front wheels up into the air.

Then, as the lorry is dragged backwards down the hill, the overhanging end of the tube and the cab seesaw in the air.

A second video seems to show the truck finally coming to a grinding halt in a town square at the bottom of the slope.

Local media reported that the lorry nearly overturned and ended up colliding into three vehicles – one of them from the Municipal Police – damaging all three.

A photo shows how the police car was left with a heavily dented boot and a completely smashed rear window.

The male driver, whose name and age were not reported in local media, has since appeared before a judge, who charged him with assault, damage and injury.

He has been released on bail and his next court date is set for 1st July.