Spanish Police Tip Off Leads To Paedophile Arrest In Mexico

The Spanish National Police have been involved in an international operation to arrest the suspected boss of a paedophile crime gang who was believed to have fled to Mexico City.

Nelson Maatman, 27, was caught near a train station in the Mexican capital on 5th June.

According to the local authorities, Maatman was caught in possession of a gun, cocaine, and electronic devices with child porn on them.

Mexico City Attorney General Ernestina Godoy said Maatman was identified as the suspected leader of an international paedophile and child porn network.

Maatman founded the Party for Neighbourly Love, Freedom and Diversity (PNVD), a political party in the Netherlands that is unrepresented in Congress, which supports laws to allow sex with minors from the age of 12.

Commonly called the ‘pedopartij’ (‘paedo party’) by Dutch media, the organisation advocates the legalisation of child porn and the lowering of the age of consent.

Between 2014 and 2021, the suspect allegedly managed a website that pushed for the legalisation of sex with minors, claiming that they are capable of deciding on their own if they want to take part in sexual relations.

The police raided a home in the Mexico City district of Gustavo A. Madero where the suspect was residing and seized mobile phones, pen drives, laptops, and hard drives with child porn content, according to the authorities.

Maatman was arrested in his home country in February 2020 and found in possession of over 10,000 pornographic images of minors.

He appeared in court in June 2020 and was allowed to defend the case without remaining in police custody.

Despite being told to remain in the Netherlands, the suspect reportedly fled the country and he was declared a fugitive in February 2022 after missing a court date.

The Mexican authorities were informed of his presence in the country by members of the Netherlands-based Free a Girl association.

The foundation called on the Mexican authorities to reject the suspect’s petition for political asylum.

Free a Girl spokesperson Evelien Holsken said: “We are impressed with the skill and dedication of the police in Mexico City to protect children from these types of predators.

“We are very relieved that he was arrested for posing a serious danger to children in Mexico.”