San Isidro Celebrations End In Disco DJ Murder

A drunk reveller shot a mobile DJ dead at a church disco in Guatemala when he refused to play his song request because the party had finished.

The shooting took place during a festival in honour of San Isidro in the village of San Isidro in the Guatemalan municipality of Esquipulas on 16th May.

San Isidro is also the patron saint of Madrid.

Mobile DJ Edwin Villafuerte, 35 – who also worked as a primary school teacher in his home municipality of Olopa neighbouring Esquipulas in the Guatemalan department of Chiquimula – was leading the party from his turntables.

When the event had finished, a drunk man staggered over to him and requested a song, according to reports.

Villafuerte explained that the party was over and he had to pack away his equipment, and the man walked away.

However, the drunk returned shortly afterwards with a gun raised and shot the DJ dead, apparently angry at not having his song played.

According to local media, the annual festival regularly ends with killings and San Isidro residents complained about the lack of security and the sale of alcohol at the celebration.

The murdered primary school teacher – who ran a mobile disco in his spare time – was buried in his hometown on Monday (16th May).

The local authorities have confirmed that they are investigating Villafuerte’s shooting.

No arrests have been made yet.