Latest Most Wanted Brit Arrested In Spain

One of the UK’s most wanted criminal fugitives, has been arrested by Spanish National Police for after going on the run following the murder of a teenager.

The UK authorities issued an international arrest warrant for David Ungi, 30, for the fatal shooting in 2015 in Liverpool of 18-year-old Vinny Waddington while he was riding a motorcycle.

The victim was shot by a passing car and rammed off his motorbike.

A court in Liverpool convicted two men for the 18 year-old’s murder in 2016, but the third suspect wanted by Merseyside Police, Ungi, went on the run immediately after the murder.

Ungi is also wanted in connection with heroin trafficking.

Ungi was apprehended along with three other men as he entered a gym at a shopping centre in Coin (Andalusia) last Thursday, as part of a joint operation involving the Spanish authorities, the UK’s National Crime Agency, Merseyside Police and the UK’s North West Regional Organised Crime Unit.

According to the police statement the arresting team seized a 9mm Ruger revolver and ammunition from a rucksack.

Police officers also raided his residence in Coin where they discovered a machine gun and two other guns as well as ‘abundant ammunition’, 15 kilos of cocaine and 19 kilos of hashish.

Ungi is the latest UK’s Most Wanted to have been captured. Steve Reynolds, National Crime Agency regional manager in Spain, said: ‘Three of the UK’s most wanted fugitives being arrested in a week is a fantastic achievement.’

‘Ungi is a very dangerous person and his arrest is good news for communities both in Liverpool and Spain,’ he added. ‘These arrests would not have been possible without close cooperation between police forces in the UK and our law enforcement colleagues in Spain and Portugal.’

‘There are still a number of fugitives on our most wanted list, and they should know we will never give up and we’re never far behind them,’ said Reynolds.

He will now be extradited to the UK to face trial.