Policeman Suspended For Abuse Of Schoolgirl Spiked Ice Cream Of Lover To Rape Her

A paedophile cop has been arrested after his lover, who dumped him for abusing a schoolgirl, took to social media to complain that he was still free after he spiked her ice cream in order to rape her.

Paula Segurotti, 30, of Mar del Plata, Argentina, ditched her policeman partner Emilio Salim Abosalech, 37, of eight years in February after learning that he had been accused of sexually abusing a child aged under 14. The schoolgirl was known to both of them, but the nature of the relationship was not revealed.

The couple had three children together, and she admitted that although she suspected he had cheated on her, she had no idea that he was also a paedophile.

It was on 23rd March that Salim asked his ex if he could stay the night at her house, to which she immediately replied no.

However, the man persisted, and it was only when he offered to bring her and their kids ice cream that she gave in.

Paula Segurotti, 30, denounced the father of her three children in March that he drugged her ice cream and raped her, in Mar del Plata, Argentina. (@pauuseguu/Newsflash)

She woke up in a state of confusion hours later as her ex thrust himself on top of her. She was unable to move and was only able to stammer “leave!” before falling asleep again.

Paula still felt weak and dizzy when she woke up the next morning. She noticed that the man was still in her house and she confronted him, asking him bluntly if he had drugged and abused her.

She was stunned when he replied: “Yes, forgive me, I put something in your ice cream.”

Paula Segurotti, 30, pictured with a baby, denounced the father of her three children in March that he drugged her ice cream and raped her, in Mar del Plata, Argentina. (@pau.segurotti/Newsflash)

Paula immediately fetched her three children and left home with them. She reported Salim Abosalech hours later.

However, it was only when her story went viral, after she took to social media to complain about what had happened and the lack of official reaction, that the man was finally arrested at his home on Monday, 9th May.

Salim Abosalech began serving as a policeman in the Province of Buenos Aires in 2013. He was placed on leave several months ago when the allegations involving the schoolgirl first emerged.

It is believed that he spiked Paula’s ice cream with clonazepam. After she decided to expose him on social media, others came forward with tales of abuse allegedly at his hands.

The former couple’s children are aged six, four and two.

Paula said Salim Abosalech exerted psychological violence on her and was unfaithful to her during their time together.

When he was arrested, several items were seized from his home, including marijuana. He was taken to Batan prison.

He is accused of ‘sexual abuse with carnal access’. The judicial authorities added that the separate complaint by the minor aged under 14 is also “being worked on”.

Paula hopes that any other victims of her ex will come forward.

She described him as “violent, manipulative, psychopathic and very aggressive. A monster who I was with for eight years.”