Drunken Tourists Attack Plain Clothes Policeman After Street Mugging

Drunken holidaymakers beat and kicked an undercover Spanish cop senseless after apparently mistaking him for a street robber.

Shocking footage of the attack shows three tourists ganging up on the officer and they grapple him to the ground and kick him in the head.

The horrific beating happened in the tourist-packed seaside neighbourhood of La Barceloneta in Barcelona in broad daylight yesterday (Tuesday, 10th May).

The drunks were reportedly being held up by a mugger as the plainclothes cop came to help them.

But instead of thanking him, the three men mistook him for another crook and ganged up on him.

As one pulled him to the ground and began grappling with him, another came over and kicked him un the head.

A third man joined in with a massive kick again to the officer’s head, which left him apparently unconscious on the tarmac.

Then, while he was still down, two of the gang paused to kick him in the ribs.

Earlier in the video, the cop could be heard shouting in Spanish: “I’m a policeman, dickhead.”

The attackers were swiftly arrested at a hotel, but their names and nationalities have not been released by police.

The officer is reported to be recovering after being treated at hospital.

The Guardia Urbana (Barcelona’s municipal police force) has given him temporary leave of absence.

His attackers are accused of assault, bodily harm and crimes against public authority.