Tenerife Mother Whose Daughters Were Killed By Ex Partner Gives Birth

A heartbroken mother whose two daughters were murdered by her ex has given birth to a healthy baby girl a year after her first children disappeared.

The baby – called Elsa – was born exactly 12 months after the last time Beatriz Zimmermann saw her daughters.

Those close to the family talked of the “immense joy” the new baby has brought.

But only a year ago, Beatriz was in agony over the murder of Elsa’s half sisters, who had been snatched by their dad, Tomas Gimeno Casanas.

Her tragic pair were taken on a boat by Gimeno on 27th April last year, killed and then dumped at sea off the Spanish Canary Islands.

Beatriz had last seen them on 26th April, a year before baby Elsa was born.

The horrific double killing happened off the Tenerife coast, when Gimeno, 37, is believed to have strangled his daughters Olivia, six, and 14-month-old Anna before killing himself.

Only Olivia’s body was found 3,200 feet down on the seabed, sealed in a sports bag and tied to an anchor.

Gimeno is believed to have snatched and killed the sisters to get back at his ex-wife.

In March this year, the Court of Violence against Women Number 2 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife decided to suspend the case until Gimeno or his body is located.

Judge Maria de los Angeles Zabala said “with total certainty” that Gimeno is the sole author of the murders and the involvement of any other parties has been ruled out.

The Civil Guard concluded that Gimeno is “unaccounted for or disappeared at sea” and the case has been put on the back burner until he is located, as he is the only suspect accused of killing the girls.

Court documents also included a final message from Gimeno to the girls’ mother, which said: “Remember me for who I was and not for what I did, please.”

He reportedly gave her a package and told her not to open it until 11pm, but she decided to check it at 5.20pm and found EUR 6,200 in cash along with the note.

Now, one year on from her horrific ordeal, Beatriz has given birth to baby girl Elsa and both mother and daughter are doing well.

Joaquin Amills, president of the association SOS Desaparecidos (SOS Missing), said: “As we have said many times, when life hits you hard, it also gives you the tools to be constructive, so that pain can be filled with love, so that life has meaning.”

He said Elsa’s birth is an “immense joy for her parents and all of us who will always have Anna and Olivia present” in their hearts.