Horror Goring As Man Killed By Bull At Fiestas

A man has been fatally gored during a bull run in Spain.

The incident was filmed during a bull run in the municipality of La Seca in the Spanish province of Valladolid as part of the XIII edition of the Fiesta del Verdejo at around 6pm on 1st May.

As seen in the footage, the victim, about 40 years of age, whose name was not reported, was attacked by the bull as soon as it was released from its container.

In the video, the bull is seen being released and immediately turning right when it targets a spectator and apparently gores him in the midriff.

Onlookers scream as the man is dumped to the ground with a large hole in his T-shirt and spectators help to drag him to safety.

The bull is then seen charging at another man in the middle of the street before the video comes to an end.

The man, who came from the village of El Carpio in Valladolid Province, was taken to the Medina del Campo Hospital where he later died of his injury.

According to local media, another man was also injured during the bull run and remains in hospital in serious condition.

The bull that fatally injured the victim reportedly came from the ranch of the Sanchez Herrero Brothers.

After the injuries, the local authorities suspended the bull event. It is unclear if the police are investigating the incident.