Horror As Village Fiesta Horse Stunt Goes Wrong

This is the shocking moment a woman and her granddaughter cross the road and are trampled by horses galloping at full speed in front of hundreds of people.

The incident took place in the municipality of Arroyo de la Luz, in the province of Caceres, in the Spanish region of Extremadura, at around 3pm yesterday (Monday, 18th April).

The footage, filmed on a spectator’s mobile phone, shows two men riding horses at full gallop down a narrow, spectator-lined street as part of the municipality’s traditional Easter Monday festivities.

But a woman and her granddaughter apparently misjudge the amount of time they have to reach the other side and jog out into the road holding hands.

Before they can get there, they are trampled by one of the horses, sending both the animal and its rider tumbling to the ground and causing the crowd to gasp in shock.

Both grandmother, 69, and granddaughter, 7, were taken to different hospitals with head trauma. The former was last reported to be in a serious condition.

Three others were reported to have sustained minor injuries during the festivities. They received treatment at the scene and did not need to be taken to hospital.

The traditional event has since received criticism in local media for the apparent lack of security measures that could have prevented the accident from happening.

The names of the injured were not reported, and it is not clear if the authorities are looking into the incident or if anyone is liable for a crime.