Note To Ex From Tenerife Dad Who Murdered Two Daughters Revealed

The missing Spanish father – accused of killing his two daughters and throwing their bodies in the sea off the coast of Tenerife last year – sent his ex-partner a note saying “remember me for who I was and not what I did”, it has emerged.

The incident took place at sea off the coast of Tenerife in the Canary Islands in Spain, when Tomas Gimeno Casanas, 37, allegedly murdered his two young girls, Olivia Gimeno Zimmermann, 6, and Anna Gimeno Zimmermann, 14 months old.

He reportedly threw them into the Atlantic because he did not want their bodies to ever be found, after carrying out the act to get back at his ex-wife Beatriz Zimmermann.

He then allegedly killed himself in the boat after throwing the bodies of his daughters in the sea in roughly the same area.

Olivia’s body was discovered but Anna’s and their father’s have yet to be found.

Olivia, 6, who along with her sister Anna, 1, disappeared as their father Tomas Antonio Gimeno, 37, is suspected of kidnapping them, on 27th April, in Tenerife, Spain. (Newsflash)

An autopsy confirmed that he suffocated Olivia before throwing her body into the Atlantic. The report also confirmed that she was not given any drugs prior to her death.

The report determined that Olivia, whose body was retrieved from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean on 10th June 2021, suffered a death compatible with “mechanical suffocation due to strangulation”, which caused an acute pulmonary oedema that claimed her life.

Her body was retrieved from a depth of approximately 1,000 metres (3,281 feet) by a research vessel called the Angeles Alvarino. Olivia’s body was found weighed down with an anchor and wrapped in a sports bag, some three miles out to sea.

The investigation by forensic experts puts the time of the death of the girls between 7.54pm and 9pm on the night of 27th April 2021.

This week, the Court of Violence against Women Number 2 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has decided to suspend the case until Gimeno or his body is located.

Judge Maria de los Angeles Zabala said “with total certainty” that Gimeno is the sole author of the murders and the involvement of any other parties has been ruled out.

The Civil Guard concluded that Gimeno is “unaccounted for or disappeared at sea” and the case has been put on the back burner until he is located, as he is the only suspect accused of killing the girls.

Court documents also included a final message from Gimeno to the girls’ mother, which said: “Remember me for what I was and not for what I did, please.”

He reportedly gave her a package and told her not to open it until 11pm, but she decided to check it at 5.20pm and found EUR 6,200 in cash along with the note.