Sanlucar Builders Offers To Construct Personal Nuke Shelters

Builders in Spain are offering to build nuclear bunkers for people and cash in on fears of a nuclear disaster after Russian forces fired on Europe’s largest nuclear power plant with tanks early last Friday.

It was the son of the owner of the construction company, named as Mariano Cabill, who came up with the idea in Sanlucar de Barrameda, in Cadiz province, in south-western Spain, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. He reportedly had the idea on Friday, the same day that Russian forces shelled the powerplant and caused a fire.

The advertisement of another company which offers building bunkers in people’s houses because of the latest developments between Russia and Ukraine. (Milanuncios/Newsflash)

The move stunned the world, with the powerplant now in Russian hands.

Cabilla, who said that the construction company belongs to his father, Agustin, but acknowledging that the idea was his, said: “Seeing a bit how things are at the moment, we thought that people might be interested.”

The company told local media: “As a result of how the latest events between Russia and Ukraine are developing, we are offering our services to build an underground bunker.”

The bunkers are designed to offer protection in the event of a nuclear explosion and allow the occupants to breath filtered air to avoid the risk of fallout, as well as having a bathroom, own electricity supply and basic food storage facilities.

Russia has already moved nuclear weapons westwards towards Moscow, saying that they are to take part in a military parade in May.