Legal Technicality Condemns Totured Lab Beagles To Death

These Beagle puppies that have had the support Paul McCartney and other celebrities are set to be killed after after being experimented on because a Spanish court has rejected a legal challenge to save their lives on a technicality.

Celebrities such as Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, as well as Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley and the comedian and actor Ricky Gervais all support the animal protection advocacy group Cruelty Free International, which took part in the investigation that revealed that the 32 Beagles are going to be killed.

A court filing in January by the Barcelona Bar Association and Lex Anima, which is a Catalan animal rights organisation with ties to Cruelty Free International, sought to save the puppies. But a judge has now rejected it, apparently on a technicality.

Dog with dead eye and blood in the Madrid lab reported by the organization in April 2021. (Carlota Saorsa-Cruelty Free International/Newsflash)

The judge appears to have ruled that the filing cannot proceed because the lawyers for the animal rights organisations were apparently in breach of “article 136” that “regulates contentious-administrative matters, according to which these precautionary measures must be presented together with the appeal.”

The plaintiffs countered by invoking a Supreme Court ruling in which, in an emergency, such as the slaughter of these animals, precautionary measures can be requested in advance.

It is understood that the animal rights organisation and the Barcelona Bar Association plan to appeal the ruling but they stated that it is unlikely that they will be heard before the puppies are euthanised.

Dog grabbed from the neck in lethal injection in the lab of Madrid, reported by the organization in April 2021. (Carlota Saorsa-Cruelty Free International/Newsflash)

It emerged in January that the laboratory was contracted on 10th November 2021 by the Fundacio Parc Cientific de Barcelona, which is part of the University of Barcelona (UB), to test an anti-fibrotic drug on 32 Beagle puppies over the course of 28 days.

The University of Barcelona has defended experimenting on the puppies, arguing that it is necessary for scientific progress.

So unless there is a radical change in the outlook, the 32 Beagle will be killed after they have been usedyou are.

Spanish newspaper has been a vocal supporter of the bid to save the animals, stating that under Spanish law, cats and dogs that have been used in experiments must be put up for adoption if they are in good health instead of being euthanised.