Enigma Of Hidden Clay Faces Reappears Again In Cordoba

Dozens of mysterious clay faces have appeared in a Spanish city wall after the unidentified artist first introduced the heads in urban areas in 2019 and 2020.

The third set of mysterious faces appeared in a flood wall next to the River Guadalquivir in the city of Cordoba in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia last week.

Similar clay heads were first found in two city areas in 2019 and 2020, and both the artist and reason for their appearance remain a mystery.

In 2019, the faces first appeared in the wall of a villa near the city’s medieval Almodovar Gate, and they quickly became a Banksy-style tourist attraction, prompting the police to launch an investigation without ever identifying anyone responsible.

The clay faces were removed without damaging the wall, and the matter was dropped. However, the heads appeared again in December the following year.

This time, the faces were positioned in a less conspicuous spot on some steps leading to a small square on Doctor Fleming Avenue.

Dozens of faces made of clay rest on a wall in the Ribera del Guadalquivir located in Cordoba. (@attikus_fish/Newsflash)

Following an absence of 14 months, the faces are back, this time in a flood wall on the bank of the River Guadalquivir.

Local reports said rain will end up dissolving the faces soon. However, it is unclear if the authorities intend to remove them like before.

It is also unknown if the police are investigating the latest appearance of the mysterious heads.

While the person responsible remains an enigma, local residents debate whether the faces constitute as vandalism or art.