Shocking Street Machete Attack Video Footage Released

This is the moment armed cops arrive on the scene after two North African men allegedly attacked a Spanish man in Murcia with a machete, partially amputating his hand.

The incident took place in the municipality of Molina de Segura in the south-eastern Spanish province of Murcia on the morning of 12th January.

According to the news site Antena 3, two men from the Maghreb region of North Africa, unnamed but aged 31 and 23, waited for the Spanish man to arrive home in his car before attacking him on Triunfo Street.

Police sources told local media: “Two Maghrebi men were waiting for a Spanish man to stab him. When he got out of his car, on Triunfo Street, they jumped on him and started stabbing him.”

Local residents in the area, including customers in a nearby bar, rushed to help the victim, and one man even managed to remove the machete from the suspects.

In the footage filmed by eyewitnesses, an elderly man apparently takes the weapon as a woman tries to separate the brawlers on the ground.

Armed police then arrive on the scene and one cop apparently thinks the elderly man is a suspect and calls for him to throw the weapon away and kneel on the ground.

During the attack, the victim reportedly suffered multiple stab wounds to his back and legs as well as a hand that was partially amputated.

The National Police are investigating the incident and have provided no further information at this time, only mentioning that the three men knew each other and that the victim “had been threatened” before.

According to Antena 3, the victim had previously reported the suspects over the alleged threats