Second Girl Dies From Complications From Freak Bouncy Castle Incident

A second young girl has died in hospital after strong winds blew a bouncy castle across a fairground in Valencia last week.

Nine children were reportedly injured when the bouncy castle was sent flying by strong gusts in the city of Mislata in the eastern Spanish region of Valencia on the evening of 4th January.

Two young girls, aged eight and four, struck their heads on the ground and were hospitalised in a serious condition.

The day after the incident, an eight-year-old girl, name not reported, succumbed to her injuries in hospital.

Updates today (10th January) said the other girl, aged just four years, also died in hospital of her injuries.

The fatality was confirmed by the Mislata City Council in a statement that also extended the official period of mourning until Wednesday and announced the suspension of all planned municipal events.

The council added: “We express our most sincere regret and condolences to the family and loved ones of little Vera who lost her life at four years of age.”

The police said they are still carrying out their investigations to clarify whether negligence played a part in the children’s deaths.

According to reports, the family of the deceased eight-year-old girl has taken legal action to establish whether the owner of the attraction was culpable or the local authorities responsible for its supervision.

The family want to know why the castle was not better secured to the ground and why it was even in operation when the wind was so strong that day.

The owner of the bouncy castle, a Valencian businessman who is well known in the area, will have to explain why the attraction was in operation when there were gusts of wind above those allowed under EU legislation for this type of activity.

Investigators will have to clarify whether the permits and procedures were correct as a report in the newspaper Las Provincias claimed that the attraction was tied to a tree and lamppost with straps.

The other victims have all reportedly been discharged from hospital. Some of the children ended up less badly injured than others because their falls were cushioned when they landed on another inflatable surface, according to eyewitnesses.

The investigation continues.