Mother Of Two In Intensive Care After Botched Botox Op

A mother of two is in a critical condition in intensive care after she underwent a botched cosmetic operation.

Sara Gomez, 39, went to a medical centre in the city of Cartagena in the Spanish region of Murcia, for a liposculpture operation costing EUR 5,700 on 2nd December.

Sara Gomez who is fighting for her life in Murcia, Spain, after a cosmetic surgery. (Sara Gomez/Newsflash)

Liposculpture is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat, as well as fat cells to prevent more from being created.

Before the operation, the woman reportedly told the doctor that she had already undergone liposuction on her stomach area, but she was allegedly told that it would not cause any problems.

After the operation, the doctor allegedly informed the family that it had initially gone well, but Gomez then “became a bit unstable”.

She was transferred from the Virgen de la Caridad medical centre, where she underwent the cosmetic op, to the of the Santa Lucia Hospital.

She underwent surgery after it was found she had suffered perforations and lesions to multiple organs, including her kidney, liver, duodenum and intestine, according to a report in La Sexta.

She remains in the hospital’s ICU almost a month later, and her current condition was caused by medical negligence, according to her family, who say they intend to take legal action.

When she was first transferred to the hospital, it took several hours for her to be admitted, and her family believes that had that not been the case, she would not be in a critical condition now.

Sara’s brother Ruben Gomez was quoted in Antena 3 as saying: “Not even in the extreme can they imagine the reality that we are going through right now… They kept her waiting there for four hours, bleeding to death, and she came here in a near fatal state.”

Ruben added, apparently referring to the plastic surgeon: “(T)he authorities here in Murcia could take some kind of precautionary measure towards this person.”

Sara’s ex-partner, Ezequiel Nicolas, told local media that the surgery did not have to be done “because it is something that could have been avoided due to the bad advice of a professional.”

Sara has a daughter and a younger son.

The case is ongoing.