Civil Guard Officers Make A Splash Rescuing Dog From Frozen Lake

Two Spanish Civil Guard officers have made a splash by rescuing a dog that had fallen into the ice in a lake near the village of Badaguás in Jaen, Andalucia.

The gallant officers from the Canfranc post carried out the commendable action to save the pet that was trapped in the middle of the frozen waters.

The officers did not think twice to jump in and save the animal.

Their actions were filmed and the footage widely shared on social networks and immediately started trending.

The dog was apparently being taken for a walk when it ran ahead of his owner and onto the thin ice of a nearby reservoir.

The startled owner tried to rescue the dog but was unable to make any headway and so called the Civil Guard post in nearby Canfranc who dispatched our gallant heroes.

The officers arrived on the scene in the nick of time, as the dog was clearly suffering the effects of the cold and the freezing water.

They immediately shed their uniforms and threw themselves into the cold waters, using a wooden log to break through the ice to advance the 10 meters to the place where the dog was trapped.

When they reached the distressed animal the officers were able to retrieve him and bring him to shore.

A big hug from a thankful owner and a job well done to our brave boys in green!