Civil Guard In High Speed Narco Boat Chase

Six people have been arrested and 2.5 tonnes of hashish confiscated after Spanish Civil Guard officers chased down a Narco boat on Sunday 5th December.

The footage released of the chase shows officers of the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard chasing the suspected drug dealers, who are seen overboarding their cargo in an area between Ayamonte and Isla Cristina, in the Andalucian province of Huelva.

The Civil Guard officers  initially saw two people in a 39-foot boat equipped with three engines.

“Given the possibility of a drug trans-shipment on the high seas, the officers decided to make a direct approach to the suspects.”

“After a long chase, the agents managed to board the boat, proceeding to arrest its six occupants,” police said. The suspects were transferred ashore “to be brought to justice.”

The police signals are ignored, and the suspects turn their boat in circles, “carrying out constant evasive maneuvers,” police said, allowing them to dump the cargo into the sea. The press statement said the suspects were also trying to dump fuel into the sea, presumably to make the boat go faster.

Eventually, the Civil Guard vessel manages to make the suspects stop throwing the cargo overboard and follow the officers instructions. The suspects turn off the boat’s engines, and the officers officers board their vessel.