Balearics Introduces Heavy Covid Fines & Restrictions

Breaking the rules when it comes to the COVID passport in the Balearic Islands could land offenders with a massive 600,000 Euro fine.

The COVID passport will be necessary when going to nightclubs, restaurants, cinemas and gyms in the Balearic Islands from 4th December until 24th January, with fines for breaches ranging from EUR 100 to EUR 600,000.

Spokesperson for the government of the Balearic Islands Iago Negueruela said: “Eighty-three percent of the population of the Islands is double vaccinated and making this decision is the simplest thing for avoiding future restrictions in sectors heavily affected by the pandemic.”

A COVID-19 passport in the Balearic Islands, in November, 2021. (Newsflash)
It is understood that penalties will vary on a case to case basis. Under the new rules, a nightclub owner who would let everyone in without a valid COVID certificate would face much more serious consequences than occasional offenders, for example.

The penalties provided for in the sanctioning decree are from EUR 100 to EUR 3,000 for minor offenses, from EUR 3,001 to EUR 60,000 for serious offenses and from EUR 60,001 to EUR 600,000 for very serious offenses.

The spokesperson added: “Failure to comply with the regulations carries penalties. It is the obligation of employers to control access to their premises. This is the only way we will achieve safer premises and avoid new restrictions.”