Barcelona FC Neo Nazi Hooligan Group Arrested

Spanish National police have brought down a violent, neo-Nazi group, known as the Boixos Nois, who are associated as a Barcelona hooligan group, following an investigation into suspected criminal activities.

After searching 18 homes, police detained 14 members of the far-right group

“Those arrested led an extremely violent criminal organization involved in a range of crimes, specializing in activities like drug trafficking, coercive prostitution, or importing illegal medications,” said the police statement.

Illegal weapons, significant quantities of drugs – including 42 kilograms (92 pounds) of marijuana – as well as Nazi memorabilia like flags and posters of Hitler were discovered in the police raids.

Founded in 1981, Boixos Nois was originally made up of radical left-leaning Barca fans but was soon colonized by skinheads. The group, which grew increasingly violent, had privileged positions in the Camp Nou stadium until it was banned in 2003.

Over the years, Boixos Nois members have clashed with rival groups, stabbing a 20-year-old Espanyol de Barcelona supporter to death in 1991, and stabbing a Paris Saint-Germain ultra (rabid fan) in 2014.

Recently, the group starred in a brutal 2020 confrontation with Valencia ultras, where objects like chairs and sticks were used as dozens of men beat each other on the streets.

But, according to police, their crimes go beyond football rivalries.

“Boixos Nois acted like an authentic criminal organization with discipline, a hierarchy, and an excessively violent character that was shown to other organizations that tried to move on their territory,” said the police statement.

The group is accused of dealing drugs, both street drugs and illegally imported medication like steroids, and running a prostitution ring. One of the group’s leaders was also a member of the biker gang Hells Angels, according to police.

“The economic returns resulting from this illicit activity became the basis for financing their activities, which were mainly related to attending music and sporting events to disseminate hatred, hostility and violence towards vulnerable or rival groups,” said the police.​​​​​​​