Investigation Set Into Migrant Mallorca Airport Plot

The Spanish authorities have an ordered an investigation into how illegal migrants managed to fake an in-flight emergency which ended with the aircraft landing on Spanish soil and allowing for the escpape of 22 Moroccan men last week, of which 10 remain at large.

The High Court has also ordered the 12 men captured to be held in custody on suspicion of faking the medical emergency which forced the Air-Arabia flight to land in Mallorca.

The incident took place as the aircraft was flying close to the Balearics where it had been en-route to Istanbul from Casablanca in Morocco.

Investigators are looking into whether the incident was staged as part of a conspiracy among the detainees.

The plane made an emergency landing at Palma de Mallorca airport to provide medical assistance to a supposedly ill passenger.

After landing, another group of passengers coerced the crew into letting them leave the aircraft and where they managed to get the cabin doors open before jumping to the ground and attempting to flee the scene.

The incident forced the authorities to close the airport for three hours as they searched for the men and questioned the flight crew.

The man who allegedly faked the medical condition was arrested at the hospital, where he was taken by ambulance. Spanish police arrested the other men at different locations over the weekend.

The court accuses the 12 men of sedition, which  carries a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in prison.