Authorities Close Fraudulent Care Company That Defrauded Elderly British Ex Pats

A Spanish company that provided in-house care for the elderly has been shut down because it allegedly defrauded wealthy British citizens who were targeted because they had no family left to protect them and could not speak Spanish.

One victim, a 90-year-old Brit, saw all her life savings, real estate and economic assets allegedly stolen with cops probing the circumstances.

Spanish National Police said in a statement released today, 29th October, that the company was shut down due to alleged fraudulent activity in the Southern Spanish city of Murcia.

The manager of the company and at least one employee, neither of whom were named, have been arrested accused of aggravated fraud, document falsification and unfair administration.

According to the police the two suspects deliberately target elderly wealthy Brits who did not speak Spanish and had no family.

The investigation began after police were tipped off about a 90-year-old British national who had allegedly been defrauded by an employee from the company in the municipality of Mazarron in Murcia.

The police found that the woman, who was not named, had become entirely dependent on the employee, also a British citizen, as she had no family or roots in Murcia and could not speak Spanish.

According to the cops, the employee abused the trust of the victim and took control of her real estate and economic assets.

The police found that the suspect had seized the victim’s house and taken her life savings.

They were also able to sell the woman’s house and gain access to the funds received from the sale.

The suspect allegedly spent the money on their own expenses instead of using it to cover the victim’s living costs.

The police subsequently raided the company headquarters and confiscated EUR 45,000 and GBP 3,600 in cash along with various bank cards and documents.

The investigation is ongoing and more victims and suspects are expected to be confirmed in the coming days.

It is not clear if the 90-year-old victim has been able or will be able to recuperate her lost assets and money.

No further information on the legal status of the suspects was given by the police and they did not state whether the suspects are being held in preliminary detention currently.

The police appealed to anyone who has information relating to the company to get in contact with the authorities as they might be able to help move the investigation along.