Polish ” Super Swindler Pyramid Scheme Queen” Arrested In Huelva

Poland´s most wanted white collar criminal has been arrested in the Spain along with her son.

The two fugitives are wanted in their home country on charges of running a €218 million fraud.

Spanish National police arrested the suspects the municipality of Ayamonte on the Spanish-Portuguese border.

It is believed that the mother and son duo, Joanna S. and Mikael S had been on the run for several years.

The Spanish authorities were tipped off by Enfast (Europe´s most wanted) in mid-2019 when investigators learned of the presence in Spain of two fugitives classified by the Polish authorities as “most wanted”, as they were members of a sophisticated network of scammers.

The crimes occurred in Poland between 2012 and 2017.
She is also wanted for crimes committed in Sweden, where she had previously settled and was reputed the country´s highest earning woman in 2007.

She ran a sophisticated  financial pyramid scheme and pursuaded her many high net-worth clients to make sizeable investments in works of art with promises of high profits on supposed sales that never materialised.

Investigators in Poland followed her trail all over the world and learned that the fugitives were living in hiding in the province Huelva. After multiple steps and surveillance, investigations focused on the town of Ayamonte where they were detained in an undercover operation.

The suspects are due to appear in court for formal extradition proceedings to Poland where they face sentences of up to 15 years.