Viral Moment Boy Sobs In Mums Room After Trapping Himself In Cereal Box

This is the viral moment a sobbing young boy stands in his mum’s room after trapping himself in a cereal box and he falls over when walking around the bed for a cuddle.

The footage was shared on TikTok by netizen ‘Marcemelen’, the boy’s mother, where it has gone viral with 16.3 million views and 3 million ‘likes’.

It is unclear where the video was filmed, however it was widely reported by Mexican media and was commented on by Spanish Mexican voice actor, Lalo Garza.

‘Marcemelen’ shared the video with the message: “One more day in the life of hell!”

In the viral video, the cute young lad is seen standing at the foot of his mum’s bed with a packet of Kellogg’s Corn Pops covering his head and body.

The boy complains: “I can’t take off the Pops box.”

His mother hides a laugh and asks “who put it on you?” and her cute son admits his guilt.

The mum invites the boy to jump in the bed with her and he starts to walk around to her side, but trips over something on the floor.

However, in the next clip, the young lad is seen quickly getting to his feet as his mum laughs at the cute scene.

Mexican voice actor Lalo Garza, 45, commented on the viral clip with the message: “She knows he cannot see yet she tells him to come.”

The mother replied: “Relax, he had already been walking about with his face covered.”