Endangered Zebra Born In Valencia’s Bioparc

As the fireworks from Las Fallas died down Valencia’s world renown Bioparc has been celebrating their latest arrival at the zoo.

At dawn on Saturday, September 11th, a Grant’s zebra ( Equus burchell iboehmi ) was born.

It is the third foal of this emblematic African species included in the IUCN (  International Union for Conservation of Nature) red list. With a population in decline, it is increasingly threatened with extinction. 

The gestation period of this species is between 360 and 370 days and, in this case, we see how the reproductive cycle works perfectly. Bom, the mother, just gave birth on September 2 of last year, so the technical team was already looking forward to this last calf. 

At the beginning of the year, in January and February, his brothers, two males, were born, so now the offspring of this fertile herd are completed.